The Words We Say….

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I know that most people don’t realize it, but the words we say really do mean a lot. Often times most people either don’t think before they speak or they take for granted the things that they say.

Both written as well as the spoken word truly have a great deal of power; much more power than the person uttering them realizes. Words have the power to make a person’s day or send the spiraling into hell. The worst part about it is that the person doing it may not even know it!

For demonstration purposes, I’ll share a couple of examples:

(1) I sent out digital pictures taken during my thanksgiving vacation a few days ago. These pictures were only sent to close friend and family. Shortly after sending the pics, I received a phone call about the pics. The person called me basically only to say, “Oh, I saw your pictures….You have a crooked smile.” I shouldn’t forget that they casually through in that they liked my hair after saying this!

Now, I’ve lived with this smile my entire life (32 years). I looked at the pictures very carefully prior to sending them. Did they think that I did not already know that I have a crooked smile? Did the person think that I would take that as a compliment or think that it was funny? Did they intend to send me into a downward spiral? No…..I’m sure that they didn’t, but sometimes people would like to have a compliment every now and then instead of criticism. To most, I’m sure these simple words would mean nothing. But for me a person that struggles everyday with loving the person that she is, a person that is not always confident w/the way that they look, a person that has always received negative criticism growing up, the comment tore through me like a knife and it was perceived as being negative.

As a child growing up and even into my early 20s, it has always been, “She’s cute to be her size’’, or “Nicki, you’re pretty but you are just so fat” or “You’d look really good if …….”. Never that I was beautiful just the way that I am. These comments still torture me even today. Just like “you have a crooked smile… I like you hair”. It is because of things like this that it is eXtremely difficult for me to accept a compliment.

(2) For my second example, I was reading the comments left on my blog post for 11/27/05. I received two VERY positive comments that stand out in my mind. One was from “Crazy White Gurl” and the other was from Nikki. Nikki said in her comment that I was “gorgeous”! Not that I was cute or even pretty, but GORGEOUS and there was no “but” or “you’d be gorgeous if…..”

I was like wow and beaming from ear to ear. Did she know that her comment would make my day? Hmmmm, I’m pretty sure that she didn’t, but the fact of the matter is that she did!

Do I need to be fed with a long handled spoon? No…. Most days I can’t say fug the world and get ghetto with the best of ‘em. It’s just that sometime you don’t wanna hear any crap. Sometimes you’d like to feel good about yourself and not always be fricking criticized about sh*t.

So, basically my point is this, I know that this world is going to always be a nice place to live in and that it will not always be kind to us, but it would be a lot nicer place to live in if people just kept in mind:

That the words we speak truly do mean a lot
So before you speak, take the time to think about
The effect that your words will have on others
The utterances may not bother some sisters and brothers
But for those, who are sensitive just like me
The words you speak could cut like a knife or send them on there way merrily!

This is Nicoletta, still “N” Search of Ecstasy and I’m out!

"If you see someone without a smile today, give them one of yours!
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My First Tattoo

Monday, November 28, 2005
I did not do shit today and that’s exactly how I like it!

I took the day off from work so that I could recuperate from my Thanksgiving vacation. I didn’t get up until this afternoon. To be honest, I don’t feel like going to work tomorrow either shit!

~Deep Sigh~

Now About Da Tat …

I was just thinking about the highlight of my vacation, which was getting my first tattoo.

Earlier this summer, I went to a tattoo parlor for the first time. I went with my little sister because she was getting a belly button ring. While I was there I told her and my other sisters that I was going to get a tattoo for my birthday (or rather what I meant was that I wanted a tattoo for my birthday – I think). Of course, they were like yah, you should do that.

So, my birthday (11/17) came and went by with no tat. To be honest, by this point in the game I had completely changed my mind and no longer had any intentions of getting a tattoo. But when, I got to my moms last week for Turkey Day, for some reason about 4 of my relatives were talking about getting a tat and one of my other sisters wanted to get a belly button ring. I’m like where the hell did all this bullshit come from?

The next thing I know, there they go….

They: Nicki, I thought you said you were going to get a tattoo for your birthday?

Me: Uhmmm, no I didn’t.

They: Yes you did.

Me: I ain’t getting’ shit!

They: Ahwww, come on. We’re all gonna do it. Stop being a punk!

So Friday, we shopped all day and no one mentioned the tattoos and I was so damn glad to. The next thing I know, its like 9pm and these bitches decide they want to go get tattoos. I still didn’t really want to do it, but I decided to go with them. I went with 2 of my sisters, brother-in-law, cousin, and aunt. The idea was that we were all going to get a tattoo and get the “Family Discount”. The next thing I know, they are working on getting the discount and they were like, “Nic, they need to know how many of us are really going to get one so that they can do the discount.” At first I was like hell nah! I ain’t wit this shit today. Deep down inside I did not want to get it because I was SCURRED!!

I’m thinking to myself, hell don’t count me in on yall shit. I ain’t doing it! Honey the next thing I knew, I was sitting in the damn chair with my ass hanging out getting a tat on my lower back.


This was the most excruciating experience that I have ever been through in my life!

I wish I had a videotape of how I was in there cutting the damn fool. That shit hurt so damned bad. I don’t see how people get tattoos all over their bodies. I mean the guy did say that the lower back was one of the tenderest spots on the body as far as getting a tattoo, but I was like WTF???

My sister and my aunt also got theirs on the lower back. My aunt was like a soldier, but hers was very little. My sister, well she was more like me, but not as dramatic. I was practically in there about to cry it hurt so bad! I’ve talked to other people and they admitted that theirs hurt to but it seemed like no one had as bad of an experience as I did.

Yep, I can’t believe that I let them punk me into getting it. I was in a damn trance for a good while afterwards because I was soooooo damn traumatized.

This is a photo of what I was so damned traumatized over!

But anyway, that’s the story of my first tattoo…..Instead of first I should say ONLY, cause I doubt I ever go through that shit again!

This is Nicoletta, still “N” Search of Ecstasy and I’m out!

"If you see someone without a smile today, give them one of yours!
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I'm Back.....

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Well, I've just returned home from a long holiday weekend at my mom's. We had so much fun; we were laughing until we cried on several occassions.

Ya gurl is wore out though. Every nite we were up late (till 3-4am) and waking up too damn early for someone that went to bed at that time....I am soooooo dawg on sleepy I don't know what to do. It's only 8pm and I am already ready to go to sleep. There certainly won't be any unpacking tonight!

I want to write about my trip, but my body just won't let me. ~Sigh~

Okay you forced it outta me! But I'll make it quick.

To make a long story short, we had a fucking blast. I laughed so hard I was crying around there. Nothing too terribly special happened. We just drank (liquor), ate, shopped, and chilled bascially and still had the bomb diggady time! This was not unusual because my sisters and my uncles are junior comedians you see.

We watched a few movies like the “Skeleton Key”, “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” (creepy as hell), and “Chris Rock: Never Scared”, to name a few.

The Skeleton Key and The Exorcism of Emily Rose are the type of movies that I would only watch among a group of other people, so of course I jumped at the opportunity. Now I want you to imagine watching a Chris Rock, stand up comedy show with like 10-12 of your closest relatives (half drunk). That shit was fuckin’ hilarious, okay!

The highlight of the trip was the fact that we did our annual Secret Santa gift exchange early this year since everyone will not be able to get together again for Christmas. Since there is no one under 20 y/o on my mom’s side, every year we draw names and buy gifts for the person whose name we pull. Generally, we’ll spend anywhere from $80-100 on the gift for the person and it must be kept an absolute secret which makes it even more fun.

We had about 14 people to participate so it was pretty tight! We had so much fun doing this. My youngest sister always plays “Santa” (i.e. the coordinator). Between her and my crazy uncles who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent (ME), cutting the fool, the Secret Santa event was the bomb. I mean the fun and the laughs that we shared were priceless!

My mom had me this year and she got me exactly what I put on my wish list – Pleasures Exotic by Estee Lauder Perfume Gift Set and a night gown w/a matching robe.

I wasn’t nearly as sad when I left as I was when I got back home tonight. I don’t know, I guess knowing all that fun is over and that I will not get to see all of my family for Christmas really hit home. Even my two uncles mentioned that now they don’t have anything to look forward to since we aren’t all coming back for Christmas. I never realized how much everyone looks forward to me and my crazy sisters coming for the holidays. Plus I miss my sisters already!!!! It just made me kinda ‘tear up’ – but just a little though, ‘cause yall know I’m hard. But enough about that before I get sad all over again. ~Sigh!~

This is one of the gazillion pictures I took while at my mom's this past weekend!

I guess I'll just lay down and get ready for the Desperate Housewives A.K.A. Desperate House Hoes.

Anyhoo, this is the best that I can do!

Until tomorrow, tootle loo!

BTW, anybody else feelin' that new Mary J. Blige???

Here's the video for it:

"Be Without You"

Superstar Nic
Still "N" Search of Ecstasy and I'm out!
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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

If the Indians would have killed a cat instead of a turkey for Thanksgiving all those years ago, we'd all be eating pussy!

Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

"N" Search of Ecstasy

"If you see someone without a smile today, give them one of yours!"
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Turkey Day Travel

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Well, today I will be traveling to my mom’s for the holiday. I’m so excited I could just pop!

This is the first time in a long while that my mom’s entire side of the family will be home for Turkey Day and I can’t wait. It's just something about mama’s cooking and being with family that just soothes the soul, ya know what I mean? Plus I can’t wait to see my favorite girls, which would be my mom and my sisters. My sisters are all crazy just like me. You guys would love them! Oh and how could i forget about my aunt coming from Texas with her family. I just love her to pieces and she is a crazy one to!

I’m posting this now because God only know how it’s going to be as far as me trying to get on the internet at my mom’s house. I am going to be making some of the desserts today so I probably won’t have time later anywayz. Plus, it’s gonna be so much shit going on and so many people in and out, I know I won’t be able to concentrate, and everyone will be fighting over that damn internet I’m sure, with the way that my cousins and sisters love to be downloading music and shit! ~Sigh~

I have a little bit of running around to do today before I hit the highway so I guess I’ve procrastinated long enough before getting out the house. Hopefully I’ll be done with what I have to do in about an hour or so and I’ll ready to roll out.

Anyhoo, I guess I’d better get on outta here so that I can get on the road before the traffic get too bad (if it isn't already). Tootle Loo!


"N" Search of Ecstasy

"If you see someone without a smile today, give them one of yours!
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American Music Awards

Tuesday, November 22, 2005
Did yall watch this bullshit tonight?

Thank God for Cedric the Entertainer cause that show would have been a total bust!!!

I was sooooo fucked up that no one was there to accept their awards! I say if they are not there they asses do not need to win and its as simple as that. I mean over half of the winners seemed like they were M.I.A., WTF???

Then Missy trying to bring her ass up there on that stage with those crutches and a broke foot (or whateva da hell is wrong with that leg)? LOL

Then Missy trying to bring her ass up there on that stage with those crutches and a broke foot (or whateva da hell is wrong with that leg)? LOL

What the fuck is wrong with Pharell? Why does he looks so goofy and I’ve noticed that he has been looking one step away being retarded for the last few months. What’s up with that?

Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowlands accepts the award for the band for favorite soul/rhythm & blues band, duo or group. Whoopi fuckin’ doo!!!

Why was she trying to act all surprised like she had no clue they've been winning every fuckin group award gven out for the last year? And all that "Oh Beyonce and Michelle, I just love you so much"....Bluh, bluh, bluh, bluh...

Yes, Destiny's Child gets on my fricking nerves....I ain't scurred to admit it, shit!

BTW, I would get all of the copies of this picture and rip them up! Not her best looking moment.

Singer Hilary Duff (R) and boyfriend Joel Madden of the group Good Charlotte. Now what da fuck does he have on???? That’s all I wanna know!!!

Hot Ass Mess (H.A.M)

Travis Barker, drummer from the group Blink 182 (R) and his wife, model and actress Shanna Moakler.

WTF is up with this dude?

Ultimate H.A.M.

Singer Cyndi Lauper she perform ‘Time After Time’. I can't believe how she has not changed over the last 20 years!

Pharrell and Gwen Stefani (R) perform 'Can I Have It Like That' during the 2005 American Music Awards

Pharell is in the runnings for the H.A.M. award to!

Will Smith accepts the award for favorite pop/rock male artist. How, what, when, why??????

Did anyone else here that he a Jada were swingers?

Ashanti was there to. For what, I have no clue cause Lord knows when that last time the she put out a record. And with all that mess going on with her Irv Gotti….. Please…. Let’s just say she needs to go sit down some where, okay!

The best part of the entire show, was Omarion, Bow Wow, and Ciara doing there performances together.

Ciara, you my girl and all, but those damn boots don’t go with that damn dress and you knew that shit before you left the house!

Ginuwine....Is he still married to Sole?

To sum it all up, Mariah Carey won every damn thang, okay! If you didn't see it, trust me when I say you didn't miss a damn thang.

The End!

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Reminiscing on the Music!

Monday, November 21, 2005

What does the music remind you of?

When I went out to the club a few nights ago, the DJ started playing some of those old school jamz that just made me start thinking about those good ole days when I was in undergrad and used to go clubbin’ on the regular. It’s like as soon as they started playing “Shake What Ya Mama Gave Ya” by the Poison Clan, I was like damnnnnnnn, that is one of my songs right there! Haaaaaay…. You know down here in Florida we love that “Booty Shakin' Bass” music, LOL.

When I think about the music that defined my college dayz, these are the songs that come to

~The Year Was 1991~

The group was Jodeci w/Forever My Lady. When they dropped this album I was oh so in love with Mr. Dalvin. I still remember that Diary of a Mad Band album in 1993. Loved it!

~The Year Was 1992~

In 1992, I was a sophomore in college and there were a gazillion songs that I fell in love with that year. But a few that stand out in my mind are the Chronic by Dre (Entire Album), “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix Alot, and “End of the Road” by Boy II Men.

~The Year Was 1993~

From this year I remember Gin and juice by Snoop. I think this was his first album. This is also when Whitney Houston was still in her prime and singing “I will always love you”.

“Freak Me” by Silk ….. ~Sigh~ ….. Now of all these songs, this is the one song that brings back the most memories. This was me and college boyfriend’s song child. I will never forget when he called my house one night when I was still living w/my mother. This crazy boy called our house and leaves a message on the answering machine (that I share with my mother). We come in the house and my mom begins to play the messages and all I heard was, “Nicki, this is for you…..”. The next thing I hear is …. “Let me lick you up and down, till you say stop. Let me play with your body baby, make you real hot….”. In front of my mother….aaaaarrggghhhhhhh! I was so embarrassed I did not know what to do. He called me last week to let me know that he had not forgotten that I had a birthday and do you know he mentioned that song to me? All I can do is
smile on that one……

~Scarred by Luke~

When this song came on, everybody ran to the dance floor, including my ass. I remember back in 1995 (when I was a supa senior in college) all my friends knew that this was my damn song boy!

~New Orleans Bounce~

#1 4-Eva Ya Dig

Even though I live in Florida now, I could neva forget where um from and what I grew up on ya dig?

For years the New Orleans Bounce music has truly defined my love for music. DJ Jubilee, dem Cash Money Record boys (Lil Wayne, Manny Fresh, Baby), B.G., Mystikal, Master P, Juvie w/dat 400 Degrees, aww man they wrecked the South!

Even till this day I still love anything with that New Orleans bounce style beat. Oooooh and I remember back in the day, I would have had all Master P's babies........

But now David is my new baby daddy!!!

What music defined your college days or other part of your life? What songs take you back to another time and place when you hear them today?


"N" Search of Ecstasy

"If you see someone without a smile today, give them one of yours!

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Birthday Bash: The Conclusion

Sunday, November 20, 2005


I feel like pure-tee shit! I guess it ain’t nothing like feeling like shit the next day to prove that you had a blast the night before, huh? I mean it makes no fugging since to be this broke down and ill after the club. I can’t believe that there was once a time when I would party like this on a regular!!!


I ain’t lying when I tell ya that my legs feel like I did 300 squats and 400 lunges yesterday…..DAMN! You would swear I was training for the damn Olympics the way I feel!

So, I’m sitting up here in the fugging dark because my power just went out! Yeah, we are have a little rain storm come through and the goddam power went out. Now I’m sitting up here typing by candle light in the damn dark. Can you believe this shit? Thank God for laptops!!!

Anywayz, we gonna skip straight to the club action…..We get there fairly early, trying to make for the 2-4-1 drink specials but we still missed it by about 10 mins. We looked around and I was like damn. The club was not as "Plump" as I would have liked it to be. I guess every body in town did go the Orlando for the Florida Classic with FAMU against BCC! I’m going next year; there ain’t no ifs, ands, or buts about it!! But I digress.

But okay, so we get in there right and naturally we head straight to the bar (lol). I got a Blue Hawaiian and about have way through it is when all the fun began. Every time one my jamz came on, I was up outta that damn chair and shakin’ my ass and by the time I has a few drinks in me…Oh my gosh…I know the other bitches in the club was probably like, “Ho’ sit down!”. LOL

I have not danced so much in ages but that’s what I was there for…to shake a lil sumthin’ and to have marvelous time. Like Georgia Peach would say, we were like a bunch of baby Luke dancers droppin’ it like it was hot all damn night, lol….

Since it was my b-day, I had free drinks coming all night long and the more I drank, the more I danced. Me and my girls we laughed and clowned so hard my jaws are sore from grinning so damn much, (ha ha ha). This song by T-Pain came on called “I’m in love with a stripper” right. So naturally I had to get up and start dancing on this pole that happened to be right next to our table and leave it to my girls to boost my crazy ass on…as if I need any encouragement once or ever. Shuuuuute, I was so hot on that pole I even got me a couple of dollars (lol). Then this guy that I had been making eye contact with all night finally come over and asks me to dance and usually I don’t like to dance with people. I just usually dance by myself, but this time I went out onto the dance for and dance to “Slow Wind” by R. Kelly. This dude was twirling me all around on the floor and everything, and not half bad looking either. I danced quite a few times and even one of the fools was whispering in my ear about us going back to his place and getting naked. LOL… Uhmmmm, I’m like ‘no I don’t think so crazy’. Guys kept asking me to dance and I'm thinking 'fuck do yall know how damn tired I am..... Man by the time I finished jammin' those curls were looking like a wet puppy dog! But I was still cute though, lol ....

Overall I had a wonderful time. Even though the club was not as thick as I would have liked it to be, having the good music and “Super Star Nic” there brought it back to life honey.

When I finally did make it home I was so muthafugging tire I did not know what to do. I just changed my cloths, ate my buffalo wings, took some Pepcid AC, and got my drunk ass in the damn bed shit.

Of course, I did not wake up until the afternoon hours today and as soon as I get ready to post my blog for the day, the fugging power goes out. What makes it so bad is that I have a damn turkey roast in the oven and since the oven is electric that shit is just sitting there. Ain’t know telling how that shit is gonna come out now. Sheezzzz!

Oooooh, my power just came back on gotta go! Bye.....


"N" Search of Ecstasy

"If you see someone without a smile today, give them one of yours!

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Birthday Bash Part II

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Well first off, why is my lazy just now rollin' up out the bed? Uhmmmm, maybe it has something to do with fact that I didn't take my ass to bed until after 3am. Why can't I take my ass to sleep at night like NORMAL folks???!!!

Tonight will mark the 2nd part of my birthday celebration, cause I just chilled last night. This part of the birthday bash will consistent of shakin' dat ass in the club and getting loose on the that grey goose! Dats right goddammit. Me and my girls will be competing for the "Crunkest and Drunkest"award.

The only thing that pisses me off is that is has been HOT as fuck round here for weeks and it wants to wait until my damn birthday jam, when I wanna wear one of my lil cute outfits for Jack Frost to come nippin'. I mean WTF? I'm telling you that is the one thing I hate about Florida because you never know what the weather will do. Now mark my about 2-3 days, it will be hot as hell again!

The outfit that I had picked out to wear tonight was not cold-weather friendly so I had to go back to the drawing board. I think that I've finally settled on something, but it's just not as cute as what I originally intended. Oh well...

On Another Note...…

There is another fugging storm out there, Tropical Storm Gamma. Now, I know that the season isn't officially over until Nov. 30, but damn!

This one is predicted to take a similar path as Hurricane Wilma, which left my sister, my brother-in-law, and their poor pooch Sphinx (my brother-in-law's an Alpha) who all live in Ft. Lauderdale, without power for about 10 damn days.

I mean really! ~Sigh~

I hope that this one will not be that bad. They are suppose to be flying home so that everyone can be together for the Thanksgiving festivities. But if that storm is bad, that's gonna f*ck everything up because during the last storm they cancelled all of the flights!!! OH, I don't even wanna think about that.

Anyhoo, I'm about to pretend it's morning and go make myself a ham anomelete omlette and some toast. Tootle Loo !!

Details of tonight's "Crunk and Drunk" festivities to come.....

Nicoletta ~ "N" Search of Ecstasy
Superstar Nic

Don't hate, congratulate!

"If you see someone without a smile today, give them one of yours!"
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Birthday Bash Part I: Follow-up

Friday, November 18, 2005
Another birthday has come and gone. ~Sigh~

I must say though that is was absolutely wonderful. I truly did have a great day? I started the day running late as usual. God, that is the story of my life there. When I finally did get to work (20 mins late), I tried to log into my computer and guess what? That bitch wouldn’t work. I did not have a computer to work on ALL day so I didn’t do SHIT! LOL What a damn birthday gift….

My office gave me a party, so that was pretty cool. I spent the entire day talking on the phone with well wishers. The one downer of the day was a brief spat with my boo about something soooooo stupid, but I was determined not to even let that shit phase me on my birthday. I will admit that I was upset for a moment and totally embarrassed because I know that a lot of the people in the office heard my ghetto ass arguing on the phone! So embarrassing. ~Sigh~

Anyhoo, the rest of the day went off without a hitch. All my peeps called me, I had birthday shout-outs on at least two different radio stations, and a birthday well wish on the local morning news! Man, I felt sooooo popular and loved. It was awesome.

I went to Carrabba's Italian Grill for dinner with my two sisters that live here. Oh my gosh!!!! Dinner was great and I enjoyed being out with my sisters and the best part about the whole dinner was that I got a birthday cake w/candles! Do you know how long it’s been since I have had a birthday cake? Man, I can’t even remember the last time.

Brought sister brought me home and I just laid across the bed contemplating my “After Party” (smile).

Then, I thought to myself, ‘what am I going to wear to my private party’? Hmmmmmm…..then it hit me. I went over to my “special” drawer to ponder…..Once I got that all figured out there was nothing left to do but lay back and enjoy my birthday licks. LOL

We will not get too deep here just in case my internet savvy parents happen upon this site. But I will say that my boo brought me the greatest birthday gift of them all, followed by the best night sleep ever!
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Birthday Bash Part I

Stay tuned for an update from the first part of my birthday celebration!

Ya gurl is tired, ya feelin' me???

Right now I am at work and to tell ya the truth......I don't feel like doing a muthafugging thang! I just want to go home and curl up in my bed with a glass of wine and out the do not disturb sign up!

This picture tells it all as far as work is concerned until after Thanksgiving!
Yep, even though I'm here....I'm starting the Thanksgiving break early.

Nicoletta ~ "N" Search of Estasy

Superstar Nic

"If you see someone without a smile today, give them one of yours!"

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Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ggggoooooooooooddddd Morning America!

Yes, today is my BIG DAY!

I said what’s that #1 birthday month?

I said what’s that #1 birthday month?

Is it December? …. No

Is it April? …. No

Is it March? ….. No!!!

Go Nicki, it's ya birthday!

Go Nicki, it's ya birthday!

Go Nicki, it's ya birthday!

It’s ya birthday, get busy! It’s ya birthday, get busy! It’s ya birthday, get busy!

It’s ya birthday, get busy! Get – get, get biz-zee!

Before I go, I wanna know, what's that #1 birthday month = November

I said what’s that #1 birthday month = November

Now this time use your zodiac sign = Scorpio

Go Scorpio’s, it's ya birthday! Go Scorpio’s, it's ya birthday!

Birthdays are the tolling of

A bell that marks the coming of

A time of festive joy and love,

A time to treasure life and love.

So come and celebrate with me

The circumstance that makes me, me:

The moment when I came to be,

And what I now have come to be.

Its My Birthday!

This is Nicoletta ,

A little closere to Ecstasy and I'm Out!

"If you see someone without a smile today, give them one of yours!"

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Today’s Question and Stuff

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Well, it’s hump day and I’ve almost made it through another week. Ooooh and next week I only work a day and half cause of the Thanksgiving holiday! YES…..I thought about trying to come up with something really interesting to talk about, but I’m at a loss. Can you believe that? Me, with my big mouth self can’t come up with something to talk about? Hmmmmmm...........

Anyhoo, what I decided to do is just discuss the question I heard on the Doug Bank’s Morning Radio show. The question for the day was something like this:

“If your significant other or spouse, were heavily into porn (either magazines or video) and/or visited strip clubs ‘quite’ frequently, would this cause a break down in your relationship? Why or why not?

For me, I think that it would depend on whether or not he preferred that over me. I mean, me and my boo will occasionally chill out and watch pornos together sometimes, so that doesn’t bother me. I don’t want to be doing that all the time and I think that it would only bother me, if “I” was not ENOUGH to turn him on without him NEEDING to have that to ‘get in the mood’.

Now the strip clubs on the other hand, I think they would affect me more because the hoes are right there shaking their ass and he could actually touch them if he wanted to. But even with that, I know females that will go to the strip clubs with their man to. I haven’t ventured out that far (yet) and I can’t even say for sure right about now how I would feel about going. I can say this though, if he asked me to, I would.

Would it be ‘frequently’? HELL NO and he don’t need to be taking his ass frequently either!!!!!!

I guess the real truth is coming outta me now.

How do you feel about it?

♥♠~~Idle Chatter: Nothing Special About It~~♠♥

This morning, the alarm goes off and I slam my hand on the alarm as hard as I could without breaking the damn thing. So, I snooze for another nine minutes and then there it goes again. Dammit. At this point I’m there thinking should I exercise today or no. Exercise or no, exercise or no? After this contemplation, I go ahead and get up to get ready to go walking. I’m dressed and ready to go; I grabbed my MP3 player and headed out the door. Less than 2 minutes into it, I’m like damn I don’t feel like this shit today, but I continue on. I’m walking along listening to my lil music and I’m about ¾ of the way to that point where I would turn around to head back home. I stopped at the corner because I saw a bus coming. So I’m standing there not realizing that he was about to take me out one day short of my B-Day. This no-driving ass muthafugger is all up on the curb about to kill me so I got scared and start trying to back up, when I twisted my ankle, and damn near fell and broke my neck. I’m like see, that’s why I need to just go home! But I didn’t. I kept on.

As I walked, I’m noticing that my curls are steadily falling. You see, I’ve been wearing my hair with twist up the back and rodded in the top with the curls framing my face. The more I walked, the more the curls fell and I’m like, a sista can’t win for losing with this exercise BS. By the time I got back home I looked like a wet puppy! Dammit!!!!!

I was so damned aggravated about that. But I digress. Went to work and work was fine. I actually got some stuff accomplished today to!

I came home and started dinner immediately (curry chicken). Then I poured myself a glass of Zinfandel and headed to the bathroom to do something about this hair so I can look decent tomorrow. ~Sigh~

I just finished eating my din din. So, now I’m just sitting here thinking. I’m thinking about tomorrow. How will I feel when I wake up? Will I feel older? Will I be happy? Who knows, but I’ll be finding out very soon won’t I (smile).

Anywayz, until tomorrow my friends, Tootle Loo!

Nicoletta ~ N Search of Ecstasy

"If you see someone without a smile today, give them one of yours!"
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Yall Have Got to See This.......... LMAO!!!

Okay, now most of you guys know by now that I am just a crazy, fun-loving kinda girl and that it does not take much to keep me entertained. But, you have got to see this video. One of my co-workers emailed this to me today and I thought that I would just die. I was laughing my muthafugging a$$ off do you hear me!

This fool is up here doing webcam karaoke and of course, he doesn’t even know all of the words. It’s just too hilarious --- I had to share!

Check out Fred Marshall’s karaoke:

Watch "I Want to be Your Man by Roger and Zapp"
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Hollyhood Gossip Chyle .......

Tuesday, November 15, 2005
Hey, hey, hey to all of my blogging buddies out there in cyberland and as my boy Trent would say, “What’s Really Hood?” .... I’ll tell ya what’s hood ….. Me, Superstar Nic coming at ya live and direct and still searching for Ecstasy!

But anywayz, I’ve been hearing so much gossip lately that I thought it’d be appropriate to dedicate this discussion to gossip and utter foolishness.


Well, the rumors are flying again honey. Word in the hood is that Free is pregnant from Jay-Z (again) and that Beyoncé is gonna stratch da ho’s eye out! But for real tho’, I didn’t believe this one the first time the rumor came out around this time last year and I don’t believe the bullsh*t now. Is he fugging around on her? Yeah, most likely, he’s a man ain’t he?
From what I understand, Jay-Z's right hand man Ty Ty and his girlfriend were the ones blessed to have a newborn baby – not Jay-Z and Free okay EVERBODY! Now, for those of you who don’t know Ty Ty, he’s been Jay-Z's homeboy forever and a day. He’s the one accused to spraying R.Kelly with mace when they were on tour and he’s at the center of the $75 million lawsuit by Kelly against Jay.


Next on the rumor mill choppin’ blox is the email about Ms. Laila Ali. Here’s the rumor: “Laila Ali and her husband/manager's divorce is final. The two have been separated since January and their divorce became final November 1st. She briefly mentioned it on the red carpet of BET's 25 Anniversary show last night. A close friend of the boxing champ tells Atlanta Gossip, (AG) that Laila has finally come to grips with her true sexuality and is happy with her new found freedom and is dating Grammy nominated actress, rapper, singer, Queen Latifah.”

Queen Latifah’s rep, Amanda Silverman of The Dart Group, denies this claim and states that the e-mail about this that’s going around is “something that somebody made up” and that her client is not dating Ali. She also snapped, “I don’t even think they know each other,” before hanging up during a phone interview.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, until I see them tonguing in the streets with my own two eye, this to is a bunch of bullsh*t to! Why this lady gotta be gay just cause she got a husky little voice and she box?Oh yeah, and Laila said 'she don't love dem hoes'.


Well, well, well…. It seems that Mr. and Mrs. Kobe Bryant have got another bun in the oven and that the family will be getting bigger in the near future. "Entertainment Tonight" is reporting the basketball star and his wife are expecting their second child this May. A spokesman for the Bryants says the couple is ecstatic.

Based on this, I take it that Vanessa has forgiven Kobe’s little ‘bareback’ indiscretion like a good little housewife. I guess she also put his long term mistress, what was her name Michelle or something like that, out of her mind too! Left my sister said, "Hell she don't pay no bills!" Hmmmm...... Oh yeah, and what about all of those lovely rumors about her and Kobe getting a divorce. I guess she changed her mind, would you?

Seems like errbody having babies 'round herrr. Shaq and Shaunie on baby #6, yes I said #6, Halle Berry and her boo, Jay-Z and Free (just kidding), but dane who's next? Could it be you? Betta strap up!!


Rapper and actor Snoop Dogg is involved in several business ventures including clothing, automobiles, and sneakers. Now the rapper is getting into the food business by launching his own line of foot-long hot dogs. I'm sorry yall, but I couldn't help but laugh when I heard this. I mean Snoop making hot dog commercials!!!?? You gotta admit that's kinda funny. I can't wait to see this mess! The doggs hit stores in January. Get 'em while dey hot!


Rapper Foxy Brown is not a happy camper lately. They say that she is upset at hip hop and soul Queen Mary J. Blige because she took Brown's vocals off of a song that they recorded
together for Blige's upcoming album 'Breakthrough'.

The reason? Well, apparently Blige was upset at Foxy Brown because she went on local radio stations and announced that her and Blige recorded a song for the new album as well as other people Mary would be working with. It seems that Mary wanted to keep it under wraps until they finished with the album. So to show her who's boss, Mary J. took Foxy off the song entitled "No More Crying" and replaced Foxy's vocals with her own, which, according to the producer of the track, doesn't hurt Blige at all being that she wrote Foxy Brown's rap for the song.

Uhhhhhmm, I decline to comment.


They say that Brandy’s New York Knicks star Quentin Richardson, is getting busy with a former Cosby kid. The "National Enquirer" says he's been seeing Keisha Knight Pulliam for a lil’ over a month now. I guess this means that the wedding between him and Brand is off, huh?

Of course, Quentin's reps claim they're just. . . say it with me now, peeps. . . GOOD FRIENDS…. aahhn-hhaa and I just come to work errday ‘cause I ain’t got nothin’ better to do. Yeah muthafugging right. Who could possibly resist tapping that 26-year-old RUDY's BOOTY??? Yes, she's 26. Now how old does that make YOU feel???

I think that about wraps it up for the day kiddies. If you know of any hot gossip that I missed, chyme in on this one and give us the 411!

This is Nicoletta,

"N" Search of Ecstasy and I'm Out!

"If you see someone without a smile today, give them one of yours!"

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