101 Things About Superstar Nic

Tuesday, March 07, 2006
UPDATE -- The items in red have been changed because they were duplicates!

1. My real name is Nicoletta
2. Most of my family and friends call me Nic or Nicki
3. I hate my name when I was growing up
4. The kids at school always teased me by calling me Nickelodeon
5. I am 5’2
6. I’m originally from New Orleans, LA
7. But I’m currently living in N. Florida
8. I was born on November 17th (but I accept birthday gifts all year long ;-)
9. I wanted to move back to New Orleans prior to Hurricane Katrina
10. For now the dream of going back to New Orleans is on hold
11. I am the oldest of my siblings
12. I have 5 younger sisters
13. I have no brothers
14. I do have 2 brother-in-laws though
15. I have one nephew
16. I do not have any children
17. I am single (never been married)
18. Both my mom and my step mom’s name is Deborah
19. My sisters and I are extremely close
20. I am in school working on my PhD in Health Science
21. I have my Masters Degree in Public Health
22. My undergraduate degree is in Health Information Management
23. I love learning new things
24. But weirdly enough I don’t like to read
25. I love being on my laptop
26. I am an internet junky
27. My favorite shows are:
a. Grey’s Anatomy
b. Law and Order (the original and SVU)
c. Medium
d. Monk
e. The 4400
f. Desperate Housewives
28. I love dirty south style rap music
29. I also love gospel
30. I like RnB music but not as much as the other genres
31. My favorite color is blue
32. I currently have a 4.0 GPA in my PhD program
33. I love to surf the internet
34. I talk on the telephone quite a bit
35. I do not like to talk on the phone when I’m eating
36. I fall asleep with my TV on every night
37. I always wake up in the middle of the night and turn it off
38. I want to learn to speak fluently in Spanish
39. I can communicate in Spanish some
40. I prefer coke over pespi
41. I almost always drink diet sodas instead of regular
42. I love scary movies but I’m too scary to watch them alone
43. I never balance my checkbook
44. I love to draw
45. I love to laugh and I laugh a lot
46. Sometimes I experience insominia, I have had that problem off and on for 5 years
47. I use too much profanity!
48. I do not smoke
49. I drink alcohol occasionally
50. I have so many clothes that I am using 4 closets
51. Some of my clothes still have the tags on them
52. I suffer from frequent headaches
53. I believe in God
54. I have not been in a physical fight since the 3rd grade
55. I don’t really like dark chocolate
56. But I love milk chocolate
57. I am very romantic, sensual, sexual, etc.
58. I can always see two sides to every story
59. People love to share their secrets with me because I am the only person they know that will never tell
60. I have a tattoo on my lower back (see the photo below)

61. I would like to get another tattoo this year
62. I wish I could sing
63. I love dangly earrings
64. I am a great cook
65. Although I do not cook that much
66. My favorite dessert is chocolate cake
67. I hate exercising, but I do it anyway
68. I am a very sensitive and emotional person
69. I have a bad habit of procrastinating
70. I never wear dresses or skirts
71. I like to watch the Golden Girls on Lifetime
72. I cannot play any instruments
73. I am not a morning person
74. I did not loose my virginity until I was twenty
75. History bores the hell out of me
76. I am very creative and crafty
77. I made all of my sister’s wedding decorations
78. Must have coffee every morning at work, but I never drink it at home
79. If a man want to turn me on, just kiss me on the back of my neck. It works everytime. I also love kisses on my back!
80. I love to shop (mostly online)
81. My mom, my sisters, and I take a vacation together every year
82. I love to burn candles
83. Sometimes I watch Dr. Phil, but I rarely watch Oprah
84. I do not have any pets
85. I watch WAY too much TV and spend too much time on the computer!
86. Christmas is my favorite holiday
87. I hate most reality TV shows
88. I love to travel and do so at least 7+ times a year
89. I cannot bare a day without my high speed internet connection
90. I love massages
91. I do not attend funerals (unless it is my immediate family, which I pray will not be for a VERY long time)
92. I do not lie to people and I hate it when someone lies to me
93. I am a great listener
94. I am very nosey
95. I love football, but hate basketball
96. My sisters say I’m ghetto to the end. I’m like why ‘just cuz I love rap music’ and listen to it booming in my car?
97. By the way, I do have sub-woofers and an amp in my trunk. I love my music!
98. I don’t like to wash my car
99. I am a jack of all trades. I have many talents such as drawing, crocheting, writing, etc.
100. I love seafood, Italian food, subs, Creole foods, Jamaican foods, and oxtails
101. I watch the news at some point everyday and well as check the top news stories on the net.
Bonus: I cannot seem to take my butt to sleep at a decent time at during the week. Every other day I say to myself, "Self, tonight you are going to bed early". How often do you think that actually happens. Gosh! You'd think I'd be sick of being so sleepy in the mornings that I can barely get up and having to suck down coffee like crazy! ~Sigh~

Any thing else you need to know?

This is Superstar Nic

Still "N" Search of Ecstasy and I'm out!

"If you see someone without a smile today, give them one of yours!"
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I'm good for now girl....LOL. Did you type all this tonight?
No, I started on this over the weekend. It took me a while to come up with all of this stuff, LOL.

It should be easier to come up with things about the person you know best!
Very informative. [Thinking] If she didn't have a man and lived way across the country I could stalk her. Glad she can't read my thoughts. BWAHAHAHA!!! [/Thinking] [Puts her on the list.] ;o)

Can you hook up my SUV with sub-woofer and an amp? I don't know why car makers think we don't want or need bass in our lives.

I'm an Internet junkie too and I really pity people without high speed Internet. I'd rather stab my grandmother than go back to dial up. [Thinking] That would make a great catch phrase for a commercial. [/Thinking]
5'2"?????? Dang girl! I would have never guessed it by your pix!

Thanks for the info!

What's your tattoo of? What do you want your new tat to be?
I think that sums it all up!
Smiles...nice list. I followed You through the link path.
You cheated! You have "my favorite color is blue" listed twice!
goodness gracious chile!!..I couldn't have done all of that..
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Thanks for sharing. These lists are great to get to know someone better. I hope you feel better than you did the other day. You're 5'2 huh? I didn't think you were that short. I got you beat. I'm 5'11. I would tower over you, LOL.
Thanks for sharing !
DAMZ this is alot to nou

i like ure name cuz its unque and well thnkz 4 sharin all diz info bout u!!
  At 3/07/2006 2:41 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
I think that does it even though you listed 100 things b/c you listed blue as your favorite color twice. LOL
Hmmmm nope can't think of nothing else.....I dont' balance my check book either I know sad but I just look online LOL
Coke all night long, baby!
Freaky D LOL, you always know how to make me laugh and I am absolutely flattered by your thoughts that I cannot read (smile)…I don’t know why the car makers do have the woofer as an additional option or already in the cars either. That’s a good point!

LMAO @ “I'd rather stab my grandmother than go back to dial up”

LadyNay yep 5’2. Now do I look taller or shorter on the pic (smile)? Hopefully taller!

MzNewAMy tattoo is of a …. Well, Imma just post a pic of it in a sec. My next one, well I’m not sure yet.

Luvin Me LOL

Miranda thanks for visiting my site!

Brother Buck OMG!!! Did I really? ……. [Checking]….Yep I did. I’ll post one more thing in a few.

TakeIt Outside sure you can do it! I’ll be checking to see when you do.

Stacy Deanne I agree. Posts like this really do give you an opportunity to get to know a person better.

Msnhim your welcome!

LatinaChik thanks!

Southern Gal I just did that to see if you guys were paying attention (smile).

Honey L girl that is EXACTLY what I do, LOL.

P U know it!!!
ok, i knew u could do it!!!! and let's see, u were right. we have quite a few things in common... like #3, 11, 16, 17, 23, 27a, 27f,...ahhh you get the point. but um, u listed ur favorite color twice as others noted, but u also noted u don't like to read twice (24 & 32) :-P
Give skirts a chance:)
And you put that you dont like to read twice #24 and #32

How can you fall asleep with the TV on?

Im mad that I believe in God is #53
tsk tsk tsk
Miss A Thanks for catching the dups. I have updated them.

Abeni LOL, maybe!

Jenelly I've updated the duplicates. My 101 things are in no order of importance (smile).
yea 5'2 00 I can call you "shorty" and not feel guilty. :-)
Rell LOL, it certainly would not be the first time, but that cool (smile).

The guy date is 6'3, so just image what he says all the time!!!!
This is Mwabi.

Got a new blog.

Mwabi girl, I have been wondering what the heck happened to you!!!!

It's good to here from you. I will be checking you out ASAP!
Well alrighty then!

Now how did you manage to be a 4.0 PhD candidate who doesn't like to read? LOL
pITY ME then cuz I dont have internet access at home......:) Lol......
LOok at you, I wish it was wasaier for me to go back to school, u make it look so easy. Congrats!!!
No dresses or skirts? No sex at the movies, hunh?

I only wish I could be going for a PhD! Oh, but I don't have the drive. You seem so complicated.
I am impressed with your acedemic ambition
you basically covered all the bases here. LOL

btw, i hope you still got the good vibes going.
yo, Ma... you know that i'm down for the 4.0 GPA!!

Go Girl!!!
I always like learning things about you. Keep it up. And a big shout out to you on the 4.0

u inspire me!
Yes, I'm working towards my Phd. It seems to be taking forever. But I guess I've come two far to quit now!