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Friday, April 28, 2006
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What's going on Sunshine?

Today is pay day Friday and I’m so muthafugging glad!

Friday is my favorite day of the week! But unfortunately, I have a headache already this morning and I have a VERY busy day at work today! I have one major deadline today and another on Monday, which does not make for a fun Friday at work!

But that's okay. It will be on and poppin when I get off!. I got a pretty good weekend ahead of me, provided that no monkey wrenches get thrown into my program!

My parents and one of my sisters are coming into town today for my youngest sister's (Tip) pinning ceremony. She is about to graduate with her Masters in Health Care Administration this summer and she just finished her last semester of classes. Most of the health profession majors here receive a their professional pin during a ceremoy similar to a mini graduation. My sisters and I plan on doing happy hour and a movie tonight. I haven’t been to the movies in a minute. I don't even know what in the world is playing really.

Then on Saturday, my girls, my sisters, and I are all going to club to shake our azzes in the Ms. New Booty Contest and I plan on winning that grand prize okay!

Can We All Say:

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Just playin ;-) We WILL be shakin that azz in the club but not to win the contest. Not that we couldn't if we wanted to (smile). Its graduation weekend, so being that I live in a 'college town' everything will be eXtra thick this weekend babee!

Once I get done clubbin, I'll have to see just how difficult the following list of things are to REALLY SAY and I'll let yall know on Monday! *wink*

Things that are difficult to say when you're drunk...

a) Innovative

b) Preliminary

c) Proliferation

d) Cinnamon

Things that are VERY difficult to say when you're drunk...

a) Specificity (But hell, some people can't say this shyt anyway!)

b) British Constitution

c) Passive-aggressive disorder

d) Transubstantiate

Things that are ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE to say when you're drunk...

a) Thanks, but I don't want to sleep with you.

b) Nope, no more booze for me. (I won't be saying this shyt!)

c) Sorry, but you're not really my type.

d) No kebab for me, thank you.

e) Good evening officer, isn't it lovely out tonight?

f) I'm not interested in fighting you. (I know one girl that loves to fugging fight when she gets drunk)

g) Oh, I just couldn't - no one wants to hear me sing. (Karaoke here I come - hahaha)

h) Thank you, but I won't make any attempt to dance, I have no co-ordination. I'd hate to look like a fool. (Man I will be shakin my azz off)

i) Where is the nearest toilet? I refuse to vomit in the street.

j) I must be going home now as I have work in the morning.

If U haven't already done so, stop being shy and go ahead and post your secret on my Share-A-Secret blog post! (and for you guys that at thinking --- NO, I'm not going to just let this go okay! I love reading these secret comments ;-) Thanks for sharing!

Oh and you can also check out "The Best of My Blog" and the
"Honey H.A.M.s" over in the right hand navigation panel whenever you have some free time on your hands;-)

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How Do I Follow Up?

Thursday, April 27, 2006

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What it do bloggers?

I just want to send a quick shout out today to Laptop Cutie, Crazy White Gurl, Lady Nay, Nikki, and Supa Sister.

And a Special shout goes out to Nsane Lee Sane for being so incredibly open and forthcoming with her secrets!

I don't think that there is anything that I can blog about, that could possibly be better than the Share A Secret post done earlier this week. It was hands down, the best blog post I have ever done! If you haven't seen it, it is a definite MUST read! Click here to jump to the secrets posted.

Never in a million years did I think that you would be so open and willing to share your secrets! I am absolutely thrilled by the response that the post received. I had been wanting to do that post for a while, but I honestly did not think that anyone would be interested. But, base on having 100+ comments, obviously I was dead WRONG! I wanted to say thank you all so much for sharing your business with a nosey ass like me, LOL. I loved every minute of it!

Tell me what you thought of the post? Did you post a secret? If not, did you want to but just didn't for some reason? Which was the most scandalous? Outrageous? Sad? Surprising?

I'll tell you that what I was most surprised to see was that there are many women that secretly fantasize about being with other women. I did not expect to see that and I realize that it is much more common than I orginally thought it was. That was pretty interesting!

But what is it that I could possible discuss/share/talk about now that would get even a compare? I have no clue.

The Question of the day is - what should I blog about next? How do I follow up a post like that? What you like to see me talk about? Jus let me know and I'll do my best!

Its almost Friday thank goodness and it will be pay day! Yes!

P.S. If you haven't posted a secret yet please feel free to do so! You know you got one (or even more). I have about 3 secrets on there. Which of them do you think were mine? U will never guess (then again you might)! LOL

Have a Great and Glorious day!

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Share A Secret

Monday, April 24, 2006

Updated 4/25/05 @ 11:20 pm

Jus So Yall Kno, My SECRETS Have Been Posted

I did not do a new post for today, but I did add hell of a lot of info in the comments section. In addition to my anonymous secrets, I've also posted several freebies un-anonymously! I had alot more to say but its time for me to take my ass to bed, plus there is always next time!

glitter graphics - Glitter Graphics

How is everyone doing today? How was your weekend? I hope that whateva you did, it was all good!

I'm so aggravated w/blogger today. What is wrong with it? Whatever it is hope that they get their shyt together. I've trying to publish this damn post all day!

I just wanna know, why is it that every time I blink my eye on Friday evening, the next thing I know its time for me start getting my shyt together for work Monday morning? Why does the weekend go by so damn fast? The work week doesn't go by that fast, so why does the weekend seem like it only lasts for about 3 hours? I don't get it!

As for my weekend, nothing too special went on. My sister Ree came here to visit for the weekend. I was so happy to see her. I’ve really missed my ride-or-die homey since she moved to South Fla. a couple of months ago.

I had a pretty good weekend even tho it did not go as planned. I'm not hard to please, so as long as I didn't have to go to the J-O-B, it was all good!

On Saturday I was supposed to be going to a hair show and out for happy hour, but I did not go because it stormed here. I hate going out when its raining and most of the time I choose not to unless it is something that I really have to take care/need to do! But not only did it storm like hell, my power went out. We could not even iron damn cloths. The power was out on the entire east side of the city, including our largest mall. Can you imagine being the fugging mall and the power going out? Is that crazy or what?

Today I want to try something and I
HOPE that you guys will help me out. I'd like to try the post-secret-blog. I got this idea from M-Dubb a while back. Thanks M-Dubb!

There are other sites out there that are dedicated to the readers sharing there secrets. The one that I am most familiar with is the
Post Secret Blog.

I’m inviting each one of you to anonymously share your secrets in the comments section and I will do the same (anonymously of course). Is there something you've been wanting to get off your chest? Then you can get it off your chest right here!

Taking the lead from the Post Secret Blog, any secret shared could be a regret, hope, funny experience, unseen kindness, fantasy, belief, fear, betrayal, erotic desire, feeling, or confession. But please don't post anything demeaning or disrespectful. Let's keep this fun okay!

Feel free to reveal anything - as long as it is true. A secret that you have never shared with anyone before would be most appreciated.

Once there is a good number of comments posted, I'll post my secret to! If fact I may post a couple of my secrets ;-)

Feel free to leave as many comments as you like, but when posting a secret, do that comment anonymously - that is unless you just WANT us all to know it was you and that's fine to if you choose to do it that way. It will be interesting wondering who posted what? - Glitter Graphics

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Six weird things about me - TAGGED!!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

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Mini Update Posted @ 12:07am 4-21-06

I didn't have an opportunity to post anything for Friday, but I did want to tell every one to have a GREAT weekend!

My sister Ree is coming in town today (the one that just recently moved from here). I am so excited to see her. She should be here by the time I get off from work. We don't have anything in particular planned but I'm destined for fun anytime my sisters are around.

Anyhoo, yall be good and take care ~Nic~

Don't forget to check out:


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Well, yesterday I discovered that I had been tagged by that Parlayer from Satan’s Anus, Zed Munkee to tell yall some of my business.

So, Imma make it do what it do and reveal six quirky things about myself to the entire blogoshere that are not things that the average person would necessarily know. But not only am I gonna do the 6 things, I will give bonuses as well. I also wanna put it out there that this is not as easy as it looks (DAMN). But once I got going it was alright I guess {smacking my teeth}.

And here it go:

Pillows: I have this 'thing' for pillow. I have a total six pillows on my bed and I sleep with all of them. I have to have a cool pillow to lay my head on, so I switch the one that I’m laying on frequently throughout the night. Another one of my pillow quirks is that I have to have a put a pillow between my knees when I’m trying to sleep at night. Its like the pillow balances out my hips or something. I don’t know, I just like it cause its very comfortable.

Emotions: I am a very sensitive and emotional person and because of this I tend to have my feelings hurt very easily. More often than not, I don’t tell the person that they have hurt my feelings. I usually just keep it to myself, except if it’s a person that I am dating. I will tell that little so and so what’s in my mind! The other extreme of my emotions is that I can have a very quick temper. I’ve been describe a firecracker in the way and yes I will cuss a muthafucka out in a heart beat when I pissed! Please note: that being pissed and having my feelings hurt are 2 entirely different things.

Shorty the Pimp: I’ve never considered myself to be short at 5’2, although some people have told me I am. Well a few days ago, I finally had to admit it, because a friend of mine was over my house and teased me because I could not reach the cord on my ceiling fan without stepping on my tip roes.

News: I subscribe to the daily news paper but I rarely read it. I have no clue why I waste the money but I always do. I may actually read the local section if I take it to work with me. But if I don’t, forget it! Another one of my news habits is that I send out health related news information to all of my friends everyday. The title of the email is always: "Heatlh News U Can Use: Keeping U in the Know". Its my little way of providing them all with VALUABLE health information. Let me know if you wanted be added to my distribution list (smile).

Sexual Stuff: I do not like the “female superior”, “cowgirl”, “riding” or whatever the hell you wanna call it sexual position. Don’t ask me why I just don’t. Maybe its because I don’t know what I’m doing. Well no, that can’t be it because on the special occasions that I have done it, lets just say I have been told that I did a wonderful job and leave it at that. Most of the women I know say it is their favorite, but not me. I’m told by some that they can have an orgasm quicker or easier that way, but my current record for back to back orgasms is 7, so I think I’m doing just fine in that category. I'm also a very passionate and attentive lover. I love giving pleasure just as much as I receive it.

Bonus Info:

Candles: I love scented oils, candles, and incents. If a person wants to give me a gift they can never go wrong with one of those. I tend to buy candles even when I have entire closet shelf or two full of them already.

Comforters: I buy at least one comforter set for my bed every year. Sometimes I even get 2. Well every comforter set I have bought up till this year has be some shade of blue (mi color favorito). This year I finally broke out of my normal routine and bought a cream and gold set. Now I need to redecorate my bedroom with new curtains and other décor to embrace my new color scheme. How is that for progress and change?

Anyhoo, have a magical day!

This is Superstar Nic

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The Tattoo Lady - ADULT Pics

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

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That’s my jam yall hear playing right there! Holla at me baby – I listen to it every morning on my to work so I can get crunk for the day! Works better than coffee, LOL.

Man yesterday when I got home from work I was so damn tired! I came straight into the house, turned up the A/C (BTW, we had a high of 93 frickin degrees), stripped out of my work cloths and got in my damn bed.

The first hour of me trying to get into my nap was aggravated my that phone ringing back to back. I could have just screamed. I just had to turn the dang on ringer off!

You know how you feel that first day back at work after being on vacation?

Well that's how I felt and that damn coffee was not doing the trick! I hope today will be better. One thing that would definitely help is if I could take my ass to bed at night at a decent time! There just does not seem to be enough hours in the day to do every thing I want to though. LAst night I laid down about a qtr after 11pm (okay make that 11:30), but my goal is to do so by 10pm. I will definitely have to start going to bed earlier if want to try to get up earlier in the mornings and start exercising again.

Anyway, everything is all okay with me. I have lost 17lbs since the beginning of March so I am pretty crunk about my weight loss. I have made a promise to myself that I am going to start working out again beginning this week. If I've lost that much weight in just a month and half, just think how much I could have lost if I had been actually getting my workout on!

On Another Note

A friend sent these pictures to me and I just have to ask: WTF was this lady thinking? That’s all I wanna know. And she is not SPRING chicken either!

I mean, this lady had to lay down and actually get these tattoos all between her legs (on her VAGINA monologue), on her breasts, every damn where. Not only that, but look at all those piercings. What da hell does she do when she has to piss? I mean really!

How in the hell? I know the shit had to hurt like hell! All together now:



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I'm Meme

Sunday, April 16, 2006

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What it is bloggers?!?!?

How was your weekend? What did you do? I know that LadyNay took a trip out of town, what about everyone else? I hope that it was all good!

The weekend has not been nearly long enough, but it never is, is it?

Its back to work today for me and for most everyone else, unless you are lucky enough to be on vacation and in that case “I HATE U”. Just kidding ;-)

If you read my blog since Friday, then you know that I did successfully defend my dissertation proposal. I want to thank all of you for your thoughts, prayers, and well wishes.

I talked to my mom over the weekend and she is so proud of her oldest daughter that she does not know what to do! Can you blame her really tho, LOL? Dad is pretty excited to! I'm glad that I can make my parent proud.

The down side to all of this (if there can be a down side), is that my blogging is about to become more and more limited. I’m about to have to get really seriously about my school work again and that is not going to leave nearly as much time for hanging out on the net as I’m used to. I’ve been pretty much chilling this whole semester, other than doing a little work here and there.

I have some revisions that I have to complete in the proposal section and then its on to the hard stuff, which includes calculating all the statistics to test my research questions, then writing up my results, discussion, and conclusion sections. I’ve gotten so lazy as far as school is concern, it is going to be rough getting back in to the swing of things.

Oh well, can we say:


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I borrowed this meme from One Cool Sista's blog.

I am: Truly blessed and floating on cloud 9 since defending my dissertation proposal
I have been: Contemplating moving to Tampa after I graduate

I will be: Doing a better job at getting more exercise in my life. I really need to get that dust off of my treadmill . I've been doing great w/the eating, but I am doing terrible with the ejercicio
I see: A glass of wine in my future (Zinfandel, Sangria, or Merlot). It doesn't matter, just bring it on!

I’m listening to: Gospel music (Juanita Bynum and Fred Hammond -) Fred is my absolute favorite !

I’m drinking: Some strong azz coffee (100% columbian)
I had: a delicious Easter dinner

I’m working on: creating a survey for a Wellness Institute were are sponsoring at work
I’m thinking about: What I'm going to have for dinner this evening and how fast I will jump into my bed when I get home!
I’m planning to over the weekend: My sisters will be here (the twins, one of which is the one that moved from here recently). I will be so happy to see them. We will most likely hang out, go to the movies, and out to dinner. We are also going to a hair show on this Saturday. That should be alot of fun!

I need: To graduate soon. I'm sick of school. I also need a deep relaxing massage. My shoulders and next hurt!
I don’t need: Any drama in my life!

I like: Being on my laptop, Surfing the net, bloggin, chatting on the phone, hangin out with friend, and having fun
I’m good at: Alot of thing, but I'll say listening and helping others with their problems. The question is why can't I solve my own damn problems.
I’m bad at: Dealing with some of my own issues
I’m cheering for: Myself. Now that I have my dissertation proposal defense behind me, I am on my way to being able to get my personalize license plate that says "IBEPHD"

I secretly like: Now if I tell it won’t be a secret anymore now will it, LOL
I’m: ret to go!!!!!

I’m taggin: LadyNay, FreakyD Black Southern Gal , Shawn from the Motor City, and "E"

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Click here to see why men should exercise

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I Did it!

Friday, April 14, 2006

MySpace Layouts Yes, I Did It!!!

I have successfully defended my proposal!

I'm so happy that I don't know what to do. They made the decision that I had passed in a private meeting immediately following my defense! Isn't that great that they did not make me wait for my results?

More details to come if you are interested!

For now, I'm on my way out to dinner to celebrate. Thank you all so much for your confidence in me and all of your well wishes!

blog layouts

MySpace Layouts

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Yippee It's Friday

Thursday, April 13, 2006
Wish me luck on my dissertation proposal defense today!

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Listen to this fool: Rickey Smiley Does It Again

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What A Day!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006
Well, I was supposed to be tagging Freaky Deaky , the Motor City Hot Girl, Shawn, 2 other lucky people who shall remain nameless for now on a meme this week but it does not look like that is gonna happen yet just. As a matter of fact, I want be able to blog (post or visit others) until next week.

The reason is Nic is gonna be super busy over the next couple of days!

I got an email from my dissertation chair telling me that they are scheduling my proposal defense for Friday. Yes, this Friday. When I first saw the email I was so happy to finally be getting this over with and moving on to the next step which is analyzing my data, but then when I realized they wanted me to do it in a couple of days I almost freaked out!

Two days?!?!!? That’s not enough time for me to prepare for my defense and I can’t tell them I’m not prepared for two reasons:

  1. I really should have known better. This is my research and I feel as though I should know it backwards and forwards and my dissertation committee is going to feel the same way I’m sure of it! I have to know it. They are going to be grilling me and asking me 50 million questions and I have to know what I'm talking about and prove that my research is valid and that it will provide information on a significant problem! Information that is publishable in a scientific journal.
  2. I have been trying to get them to schedule my defense since January. I would email, call, etc. to ask ‘when can I defend my proposal’ and not hear from my committee members sometimes. Then I’ll hear from one and not the others and everyone must be present at this oral proposal defense. Having that said, if I ask them if we can schedule it for another time (like next week), I may not hear back from them for the rest of the month! I can’t risk it.
It want to get it over with, but WHY have I been procrastinating with my preparation? I’ve been procrastinating because I was angry. Angry that all of this was taking so long. Angry that I could not get in contact with any one to tell me when I could do my presentation and now that I finally got what I’ve been wanting for months…I’M NOT READY!

How could I be so senseless about this?

I'm so nervous/anxious about this I don't know what today. Early today, a feeling came over me like I was gonna cry or something. ~SIGH~

Wish me luck!

Click here for more information about the dissertation process


I just wanted to leave you with a little bit of Hollyhood Gossip and Infotainment!

Point Sister Dies of Cancer

June Pointer, the youngest of the singing Pointer Sisters known for the 1970s and 1980s hits "I'm So Excited," "Fire," and "Slow Hand," has died, her family said Wednesday. She was 52. Read more here!

'I Eat,' Says Nicole

And I say 'yeah muthafugging right! People have become increasingly concerned at what appears to be an unhealthy amount of weight loss and many in the media speculate that Richie is suffering from anorexia.

Richie explains "Am I thin? Yes, no doubt about it. But to say I'm on the verge of death is just untrue," in the latest issue of Glamour UK. "My family [gets] really upset to see these people writing lies about their child. Do they ask me about it? No, because they know that I eat."

I saw Lionel Richie on one of the entertainment news programs defending his precious Nicole earlier this week, insisting she doesn't have an eating disorder. She's fine, I can vouch for that," said Lionel. "She does exactly what her father does - when the pressure's on I don't eat and Nicole Richie is just not eating."

You can find out more hollyhood gossip like the fact that Richie likes sandwiches; plus, a reunion for Jude and Sienna? An African birth for Brangelina? A designer ditching for Lindsay and Julia? All that and more here...

WTF Is The Dude Thankin'?

That Indian filmmaker who wants Paris Hilton to play Mother Teresa in his bio-pic of the late nun hasn't given up. In fact, he says he's scheduled a meeting with the amateur porn star for later this month, to persuade her to climb into Mother Teresa's distinctive blue-and-white habit.
T. Rajeevnath -- who, surprisingly, isn't considered a nut job, but is a highly respected director in his native India -- insists that a computer-generated image shows that Paris is the spitting image of the Nobel Peace Prize winner and future Catholic saint. The fact that Mother Teresa spent her long life doing good amongst the poor of India while Hilton has spent her short life doing bad amongst the rich of Beverly Hills won't dissuade him.

I Know Yall Heard About Whitney
It's not only the press who disapprove of Whitney Houston's alleged drug use. The Boston Herald reports the disgraced singer's step-children Bobby Junior and LaPrincia -- who live in Stoughton, Massachusetts with their mother, have stopped visiting Houston and their father Bobby Brown in New Jersey. A family member tells the paper, "The kids don't really go there. They have their own things up here. Little Bobby does his football and LaPrincia has school activities. So mostly their dad comes up here to visit them." The source continues, "The kids have been given the right to make their own decision about going down there. They were there for Thanksgiving and that's it. They don't want to be involved in any of this stuff." Last week, the National Enquirer ran a story that claimed Houston was living in a high-end crack house, but you know how the Enquirer gets down, LOL. READ MORE: Whitney Houston's Bathroom: Messy Crack Mecca

That's all I got for now! Tootle loo

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Update On My Car Troubles

Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Okay so I’m working from home today because I still do not have my car back. The alternator (picture shown on the left) turned out to be the culprit. I cannot express to you how difficult it is for me to be without my car. Its funny how we take things things for granted!

Now, back to this alternator. If I was asked to pick an alternator out amongst 20 other car parts for a million bucks, I do not think I would have any more money after I picked than before I did it. I mean look at it! Means nothing to me....

Lucky for me it's covered by my bumper to bumper warranty, so I do not have to pay one dime! I just got a call from the service department and my car is ready to to be picked up. Now I'm just hunting for a ride over there to pick it up. Shouldn't be a problem, but most likely I'm going to have to wait until 5pm to get it.

My boss was kind enough to let me work from home today since my car was on the blink! The is one of the wonderful PERKS of my job! Its so weird working at home though. Don't get me wrong I like it, but of course you know its totally different from being at work.

glitter graphics

Top 10 Reasons to Work From Home:

  1. I do not have to be a slave to fashion. I can work in my jammies!

  2. I can watch TV while I’m working. I’m watching the soaps, flipping back and forth between CNN and videos. It’s great!

  3. I can talk on the phone as much as I work and not worry about someone being a tattle tell
  4. I don’t have to put on any make up
  5. The bathroom is clean and I feel comfortable actually sitting on the toilet

  6. I “could” actually cook my dinner on my lunch break. BTW, anyone got any quick and delicious dinner ideas? I'm hungry!

  7. I’m already home so I could take a nice little nap of on my lunch break
  8. I can visit blogs (something I definitely CANNOT do when I’m at work)
  9. I’m available to win those give aways like concert tickets, pedicures, and coupons to wings and bbq joints that the radio stations give aways while I’m usually at work
  10. I don't have to worry about being caught sleeping

glitter graphics

Watch This!

Wouldn’t you like to have a washing machine like this?

glitter graphics

Funny Pics for the Day

Have a wonderful day!

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